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SO. for anyone who actually cares, I have moved over to kurada  and will be posting there for now on. Which. still isn't very frequent. but yeah.

Didn't need to know that....

Graduated with honors last week. Practice and all went good, aside from recieving information I really didn't need.

Seriously, I never want to hear someone tell me horse semen tastes like applesauce ever again.

I ended up having a panic attack at the ceremony though, thanks to sudden claustrophobia. Nearly ran out halfway through, but I managed to keep myself together until afterwards, when I ended up becoming a sobbing and cursing mess and wandering the parking lot trying to find my car, which had somehow ended up waaay further than I remembered parking.
The party afterwards was pretty cool after I calmed down though. We're given 5,000 "Naughty Bucks" to either gamble or spend on vouchers for the raffle drawings. About an hour in I had 22,000 :D so I stuck 22 vouchers in 2 of the 14 or so raffle drawings, but still didn't manage to win anything, Brooke, you had to have cheated, Seriously, how the hell did you manage to get called twice after your ticket was removed from the drawing?

Got my first decent picture since
last year though! (I'm the one on the right :>)

When I have to sit and listen to a ten year old tell me "You're so stupid, you'll never be as smart as me", it really makes me want to choke someone.

But I do feel stupid, because I don't do anything. I really should do something, but every time I have that stupid voice that nags me and says "What's the point? She'll run off into her room, slam the door, and call mom. Or dad. God forbid she calls dad. And then you'll just get yelled at for "being too hard on her" and possibly for her broken door. And her mess in the living room. And her dog's shit piles."

So I just let her keep going, either until  mom or dad gets home, or I've had enough and run off to my room. Which I inevitably get in trouble for, but it's that or I punch her.

I'm graduating with honors in two days, but I'm stupid enough to let my little sister get away with so much shit while I just try to smile and nod and not strangle things.

I love how my mom brags to our relatives about how we've never gotten into fist fights like she and her sisters did. We probably would, if I weren't well aware I have no self-restraint once I start hitting, and that my sister will tell mom I'm abusing her if I so much as look at her wrong.

May. 16th, 2009

So apparently the only relative I get along with at family reunions is a child molester.



Well, it looks like I'm only getting four of my 15 (all I was able to salvage out of about 40) pokemon back, because my sister refuses to trade them back for anything other than rare pokemon, and also won't let me take the DS so i can use my friend's to trade them. So those four I do get back, won't be in my game until next Wednesday. If I'm lucky.

I'm getting back my lvl. 60 garchomp, lvl. 46 roserade, a spinda egg, and my lvl. 52 Rapidash. Maybe.

I released the rest of them, even the legendaries, 'cuz like hell I'm letting her keep them after how long it took me to catch and level them (especially Uxie.) Especially considering the only reason she was able to get half the pokemon she has, and get them leveled was because I caught them and leveled them (her highest was only 36, and I got most of them up to 60+)

And this was right after I bought her and her friend dinner.
I know she's only ten, but that was still a dick move :/

I has Platinum now 8D

Oh god i have no life I already have six gym badges, and I'll have the seventh by tomorrow.

Waiting to start trading until I see if I'm getting geoson's broken DS to fix and keep, since I think you can only use your friend code with the DS you used to get it , but if not by friday, then I'll go ahead and start breeding/trading stuff anyone wants.

Once again, I adore my pokemon obsessed dorky cousin. but man, I wish I had gotten that shiny charmander. Next time I'm letting Lilly pick an egg first >:

Pokemon available:






Pokemon I'll have in the next few days:

Pokemon I might have soon:

In other news- My dad has, for as long as I can remember Telemundo blaring on our living room TV, always taken part in betting on soccer games. He has never, ever won. Ever.
He got lucky this week though! He actually won for once, and there was much rejoicing, because apparently there was a lot more money involved than I thought.

Fun fact: I have been able to keep track of my uncles, aunts, and cousins from my dad's side of the family by doing the betting sheets for these things the past few years. Holy shit there's a lot of them. Two full pages, each page with I think somewhere between 30 and 40 names. Dear Lord, and that's just the ones who are in Polk County, nevermind the countless ones in Mexico.

School and pokemon stuffs

I just dropped off my portfolio for Teaching Diverse Populations, the one for Educational Technology is only missing my printed powerpoints, and I just took the finals for both classes and I am so happy to be done with them. They weren't hard classes, just kind of...tedious. TDP was lots of essays and discussions, and ET was just stupid. My final literally had the questions "what is a firewall?", "What is the internet?" and "What is a virus?" on it. It was a multiple choice test.
All that's left now is to write my essay for Comp. II and take the final May 3, and then all I'll have left is my art classes for another week or two, but our finals are on the 8th.

Apparently my sister and I can get along just fine, and actually have a three hour conversation without strangling each other if the topic is pokemon. It even induces random acts of kindness apparently (she's giving me her target gift card she got for easter to help me pay for my game. I'm gonna let her keep my palkia in exchange.)


I have been spazzing the past few days as the seeds I planted have started sprouting. I've been hovering over them whenever I'm not on Tegaki or reading.Gonna get some tomato seeds tomorrow :D Hopefully we'll eventually have some decent ones for salsa P:

Also, been spazzing over the books in the college's library for some reason. I've nearly walked out with huge stacks the past few times I've gone in (gotta finish Don Quixote and 120 Days of Sodom before I can check out any more, only because I also checked out like, five books for my research paper.) When I'm not on the computer, I've been wandering around the shelves and just grabbing whatever title catches my attention -which lead to me spending an hour reading Eunuchs and Castrati: A Cultural History the other day. 

P.S. Thanks a lot Koubashii, I have Love Games stuck in my head now. This is not appropriate music to have in my head while I read Marquis de Sade.


THERE ARE BALLS EVERYWHERE. I have no clue where they came from, but there are bouncy balls in every colour of the rainbow occupying my floor. And those little fuzzy balls for crafts that i can never remember what they're called. I just picked up the blanket that's been in the floor for a week and they scattered. I vaguely remember kicking a yellow and glow in the dark ball under there the other day, so they must have reproduced or something.

Also my collection of crane game plushies is continuing to grow. They are staring down at me from the top of my bookshelf, Adri the frog having just joined their ranks.

I am currently regretting my decision to save mom money each month by "forgetting" to get my b.c. prescription refilled. For the past eight months.
Cut for girl issuesCollapse )
And once again, I've been left absolutely dumbfounded by my cousin's stupidity. Monday I had gone to pick him up from work because he was feeling sick, and his mom asked me to bring him some medicine. No big deal, I went and picked him up, gave him two Advil-something-or-other, and got a free soda out of it.
Yesterday, around 2 pm, my aunt calls me up, and asks how many I gave him. I told her, figuring that either dumbass didn't listen when I told him to wait to take the second until bed, or he needed more and my aunt was just checking to make sure he wasn't hoarding it or something. Hung up, went back to Flyff (which has me addicted again), didn't really think on it much.
Three hours later she called back, asking me to come over. She wouldn't tell me why, but she was using the sort of tone that made me think she was on the verge of murder, but trying to keep up her usual bubbly persona. Got to her house, and barely walked in the door before she was shoving my two younger cousins out past me with their backpacks and assuring them that she wasn't going to kill anyone, as long as "he doesn't try to snatch them back again."
And so my cousins spent five or so hours at my house, eating the chicken noodle they brought with them (because unlike their brother, they don't like raiding people's pantries for every edible item in sight.) Still not entirely certain of the specifics, but I know my mom was pissed. Especially when she ended up leaving to head over there at around 10:30 (and I only know about this because she woke me up so I could play musical cars in my bathrobe.)  It involves pills, that's all I'm really know for sure.

Innnn other news, I'm attempting to do frame by frame animation. I, of course, being a stubborn idiot, couldn't go for a simple walk cycle for the first thing, but had to attempt something more complicated.
I have a very rough, very short part done so far. Just Solita looking around and then looking up and talking.
I also got bored and tried to do the Hare Hare Yukai dance. I've got about six frames of that. I am so tempted to animate the full dance with a bunch of people from PGMD. using anime studio though. just twenty seconds is over 200 frames DX No way I'm doing that frame by frame.

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